Cotton Wool Rolls 12 X 300G


Ideal for delicate skin, soft and absorbent

100% pure cotton

12 x 300g rolls


Cottontails Cotton Wool Rolls are the perfect product for larger cleansing tasks or quickly mopping up fluids, when a little more cotton wool is needed. Supplied in a value for money 300g pack, these rolls are made using 100% pure cotton, which is soft and gentle for babies skin and yet strong and highly absorbent.

Carefully combed cotton wool is layered together into an extremely soft and fluffy fleece, before being rolled into a conveniently sized pack. During use, the product is easy to unroll without sticking together and the required quantity can be gently torn off, without waste with a drawstring for easy sealing and re-use.

Key Features:

  • Value for money 300g pack
  • Easy to unroll and tear
  • Made from 100% pure cotton
  • Soft and gentle for delicate skin

12 x 300g rolls supplied

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12x300g Rolls